Department of Administration and Finances

Department of Finances and Administration includes the administration field, informative technology, human resources, finances, procurement, logistic and AJ archive. Department of Administration and Finances is responsible for:  

  • Drafting and implementation of the developing policies in the administration field,
  • Ensuring, coordinating, managing and offering administrative and financial services related to the AJ functions and supports AJ activities.
  • Development of a professional, functional and efficient administration and providing quick administrative services, in accordance with the AJ specifics.
  • Planning, drafting, reporting, supervising and managing of the AJ budget and finances, including donors, supervising and controlling the patty-cash,
  • Application of the laws and regulations which regulates the administrative field of the budget and finances, 
  • Planning, coordinating and managing the AJ procurement activities in full compliance with the legal provisions and other by laws of the public procurement,  
  • Application of the laws, regulations and administrative directions related to the civil servant, 
  • Planning, supervising and administrating with the informal technology equipment, software program and telecommunication network belonging to AJ, 
  • Planning, supervising and managing the AJ assets,
  • Providing logistic services including supplies, transport, maintenance of the building and AJ archive,
  • Providing administrative services in the field of personnel and informative technology,
  • Coordination with the relevant institutions for the application of the legislation within the department functions. 

Department of Administration and Finances is led by the Director of the Administration and Finances, both departments respond to ADirector.  

Department of Administration and Finances  has the following organizational structure

  • Administration and Finance Director
  • Head of IT Division,
  • Senior IT Systems Administrator,
  • Senior Procurement Officer,
  • Senior Language Officer,
  • Budget Commitment Officer,
  • Personnel Officer,
  • Administrative Assistant,
  • Driver/ Maintenance,
  • Technical/ Logistics Assistant

Acting Director of the Administration and Finances is: Faton Fetoshi


Tel. 038 200 18 661