Program Department

The Program Department is lead by the Program Coordinator. Program Coordinator substitutes in the absence of Director and exercises the duties of the Director in accordance with the AJ Statute.  Main duties and responsibilities of the Program Department are as following:

  • Drafts policies, strategies and plans for legal education and efficient development of the judicial and prosecutorial system within the AJ  functions, 
  • Drafts and implement training programs for legal education, within AJ  functions,
  • Development, coordination, organization and supervision of the implementation of the AJ  functions, determined by the Law and Statute,
  • Identification of the problems in the application of the laws by judges and prosecutors,
  • Recommendations, guidelines and legal opinions to institutions when drafting and amending the laws,
  • Cooperation with other institutions of central and local level to establish appropriate legal infrastructure,
  • Preparation for publication of manuals and other documents that supports the work of judges and prosecutors,
  • Organizing  aboard activities for capacity building of judges and prosecutors,
  • Develops training methodology and organize training of trainers.

Organizational Structure of the Program Department is as following

  • Director of the Training Program Office
  • Permanent trainer from the civil servants range,
  • Permanent trainer from the judges and prosecutors range,
  • Development and cooperation Officer