Organization Name of Project Objective Duration
US Embassy OPDAT Assist Kosovo counterparts in developing and implementing capabilities to address and combat organized crime, corruption, money laundering, economic crimes, terrorism, terrorism financing, trafficking in persons, trafficking in narcotics, and other transnational criminal activities.   
Council of Europe JUFREX To promote freedom of expression and freedom of the media in line with Council of Europe standards, with a specific focus on the Judiciary in South-East Europe. April 2016 March 2019 
Council of Europe

Reinforcing the fight against violence against women and domestic violence in Kosovo

(Phase 2)

Strengthening the capacities of local institutions to counter violence against women and domestic violence.

April 2019

March 2021 

EU Further support to Kosovo Institutions in their fight against organized crime and corruption To support Kosovo institutions in prevention and fight of organised crime, including money laundering, corruption and violent extremism.






Promoting a judicial system that adheres to high standards of independence, impartiality, integrity, accountability, and transparency, and on supporting the functioning and integration of judicial structures in the north.



USAID Property Rights Program Improving the property rights regime in Kosovo, strengthening the rule of law (RoL) and boosting economic growth and investment



UNODC Terrorism    
EU Support to Civil Code - Phase II To improve the standards of the Judiciary sector in Kosovo. As well as this project will support the Ministry of Justice to finalise the Civil Code and bring it through adoption process. It will support a comprehensive consultation to the draft law to build societal consensus on required changes to bring Kosovo legislation in line with EU and international standards.




Commercial Justice Activity

Reduce opportunities for corruption and improve businesses’ and the public’s perception of corruption by improving commercial dispute resolution, strengthening enforcement of judgments, and fostering an understanding of the processes that promote investment and economic growth in Kosovo.

February 2019

February 2024 


Support to Strengthening the Rule of Law in Kosovo

UNDP's Support to Strengthening the Rule of Law in Kosovo project works towards an independent, accountable and effective justice system that promotes human rights standards and guarantees access to justice for all.

October 2014

January 2020


Access to justice and rule of law for the citizens of Kosovo

The transparency and efficiency of Kosovo’s legal reform process  2019 to 2021