Initial Training Program

Based on the law amendment in the judiciary, Initial Training Program is followed by judges and state prosecutors after their decree. The initial training period will last twelve (12) months including theoretical and practical phase. The timing as determined by law, makes the training intensive, since to judges and prosecutors are not assigned cases during the attendance of Initial Training Program. At the end of the Initial Training Program, judges and state prosecutors will be assessed.

Judicial training is essential to the functioning of a professional judicial and prosecutorial system. In particular the training of newly appointed judges and prosecutors, it is considered one of the key factors in ensuring the independence, impartiality and professional, ethical competence of the judiciary.

AJ’s main objective within the ITP is the development of professional, personal, and interdisciplinary competence, as well as the development of practical skills of newly appointed judges and state prosecutors. Therefore, the training program will be implemented in a combining model of theory and practice, through application of modern training methodology, as well as through distance learning platform.

This program includes training from all branches of law, including national and international positive laws, practical programs of non-judicial institutions relating to the work of courts and prosecution, as well as the practical part of the training which is developed in courts and prosecution offices.

Based on the experience gained since 2008 and 5 generations of graduates, this content meets the needs of newly appointed judges and state prosecutors.


Ms. Valmira Pefqeli

The Head of the Initial Training Program


Tel: 038 200 18 668