Mediation in criminal, civil and economic aspect Peja Region

Mediation in criminal, civil and economic aspect  Peja Region

On 11 February 2020, the Academy of Justice in the framework of the Continuous Training Program in cooperation with the USAID - Commercial Justice Program, implemented by CHECCHI and COMPANY CONSULTING, delivered a training on: "Mediation in civil, criminal and economic aspect".

The purpose of this training was to enhance the knowledge of participants about the novelties brought by the Law No. 06 / -009 on Mediation, as well as easier identification of appropriate cases to refer to the mediation procedure.

During the training were elaborated the principles of mediation, initiation of mediation procedure, compulsory mediation, procedure and obligations of judges, development of mediation procedure, mediation agreement and its effects, rights and obligations of parties to the mediation procedure.

It was also discussed the referral of cases to the mediation procedure which is at the discretion of judges without prejudice to the will of the parties to the dispute and in accordance with the relevant legal provisions.

This training served as an orientation for judges and other staff of courts and prosecution offices to more easily identify the appropriate disputes for mediation proceedings, as well as other cases for which compulsory mediation is provided.

The methodology used was of a mixed nature, with theoretical explanations and interactive discussions.

Beneficiaries of this training were: Judges and prosecutors of basic of instance from Peja Region.