House arrest

Module: Kodi i Procedurës Penale

Sub-module: Masat për sigurimin e pranisë së të pandehurit në procedurë


This training session will address practical issues related to house arrest measures, mainly in practical terms.

 According to the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Kosovo, house arrest includes a group of measures to ensure presence of the defendant. This measure is considered to be the most severe post-detention measure imposed by the court, and therefore special attention has to be taken when applying legal provisions by judges and prosecutors.

 To understand importance of this measure but also the approach of prosecutors and judges in daily practice, during this presentation will be presented practical situations that the courts are facing today and will discuss with participants on appropriate solutions to those situations within the legal framework.


After completion of this training participants will be able to:

 - Identify cases when this measure should be imposed;

 - Apply provisions of the CPCK precisely when imposing such measures;

 - Draft and reason the ruling on house arrest;


Location: Academy of Justice

City: Prishtine

Country: Kosovo


Zyhdi Haziri

  • 19 February