Expert and his/her procedural position in the criminal proceeding

Module: Kodi i Procedurës Penale

Sub-module: Ekspertiza dhe analizat


In this session the participants will be introduced with the meaning of expertise, the needs for its assignment and its scope, how it is organized at different stages of the criminal procedure, and what were the most popular types of expertise at different times, what they may be the reasons to repeat expertise, and why is expertise still given a special sport in the contemporary system of evidence today. 


After completion of this training session, participants will be able to:
 - Describe the expertise as criminal proceedings;
 - Differentiate the expert, and expertise;
 - Recognize the proving value of the expertise;
 - Describe the most common types of expertise and the causes for which it may be repeated;
 - Assign and organize it at different stages of criminal proceedings, etc.


Location: Academy of Justice

City: Prishtine

Country: Kosovo


Ismet Ukshini

  • 20 February