Bringing - communicating decisions and delivery of writs

Module: Kodi i Procedurës Penale

Sub-module: Marrja dhe komunikimi i vendimeve dhe dërgimi i shkresave


Judgment is a judicial decision, which is rendered and announced on behalf of the people. The judgment represents application of the criminal code to specific criminal cases. It applies state coercion measures against those found to have committed a criminal offense. The judgment resolves both the legal-criminal case and the procedural-criminal case.


The judgment may refer only to the accused person and only to the offense which is the subject of the charge contained in the indictment originally provided for, as amended or extended in the main trial. The judgment either denies the charge, acquits the accused, or finds him/her guilty


Location: Academy of Justice

City: Prishtine

Country: Kosovo


Bahri Hyseni

  • 27 January