Minor offence offense, minor offence procedure and minor offence ruling.

Module: Kodi i Procedurës Penale

Sub-module: Vija ndarëse mes veprave penale dhe kundërvajtjeve


The minor offence law means the set of norms of the legal rules that determine the minor offences and sanctions for these offences. The minor offense law is part of the public law of a designated state (JUS PUBLICUM) and that State represents its right to punish the minor offense (JUS PUNIENDI).


- Minor offenses;

- Grounds for minor offence liability;

- Minor offence sanctions;

- Conditions for determining and imposing sanctions for minor offenses,

- Minor offence procedure


Location: Academy of Justice

City: Prishtine

Country: Kosovo


Biljana Rexhiq

  • 27 January