Specialized Training – organized crime and corruption -Session I


- Definition of elements of organized crime offenses;

 -  Definition of the elements of criminal offenses related to corruption;

-  Forms of organized crime;

-   Forms of corruption;

-   Similarities and differences between cases where there is only corruption and where there are elements of organized crime


After completion of this training, participants will be able to:

§  Apply properly, accurately and completely the legal provisions related to legal qualification of organized crime and offenses related to corruption;

§  Conduct proactive investigations and provide admissible evidence supporting the indictments;

§  Impose adequate criminal sanctions on the perpetrators of these offenses;

§  Seize / confiscate the property acquired through these criminal offenses;

§  Implement different forms of international cooperation.


Location: Academy of Justice

City: Prishtine

Country: Kosovo


Drita Hajdari

Bashkim Hyseni

  • 04-05 February