Coordination and cooperation in the field of training with local and international institutions

In fulfilling its mission, AJ is committed to work together with local institutions and organizations as well as with the international partners who share the same objectives.

Taking into consideration the growing needs for professionals and frequent changes in the judicial system, AJ has built an effective and sustainable partnership with local and international institutions operating in Kosovo and abroad.

The cooperation with local and international partners is expressed through the signing of several bilateral and multilateral agreements, active participation in regional initiatives in order to exchange experiences and the implementation of activities in areas of common interest. Part of this cooperation is also the practical organization of programs at home and abroad for the beneficiaries of AJ.

Support from Donors 

The support from international partners has helped in the capacity building of AJ as well as it has provided opportunities for self-sustainability in some programs, through the exchange of experiences and of best practices. Practical training programs on management and staff and trainers, has a direct impact on the capacity building and organizational leadership, without leaving aside the development of the training methodology and technical infrastructure. Also a part of the support was focused directly on the training of judges, prosecutors and candidates for these functions. While the expectation for the continuation of this support is promising at least for a short-term period.