Training of Trainers

For the purpose of conducting training with a contemporary methodology, The AJ has paid a special focus on capacity building of trainers. In this regard, it has continuously organize training for trainers so that they apply more advanced training techniques.

A number of trainings for trainers are used for compiling of the training program and certain training modules. This approach is applied so that the trainers be included, both as identification of training needs and in the methodology for the implementation of training programs.

The development of the training methodology is also supported by specific selection rules as trainers at KJI and application of the manual for trainers and mentors of the AJ.


Pursuant to Article 5 of the rules for the selection of temporary trainers of the AJ, we are pleased to announce that the Kosovo Judicial Institute (AJ) has commenced the process for selection of the temporary trainers.


  1. Announcement on application for temporary trainers at the AJ
  2. Common Questionnaire
  3. Application form
  4. Rules for Temporary Trainers