Executive Director

Executive Director of the Academy leads the Academy of Justice. Director is the main administrative official of the Academy and is competent for recruitment, instruction and supervision of the Academy’s personnel in accordance with the provision on the civil service.    

Based on the law the Executive Director of the Academy has the following competences: 

  • Represents the Academy before national and international institutions;
  • Is responsible for managing, general administration and legality of the Academy’ work;
  • Take part in the work of the Managing Board without the right to vote and leads the Program Council;
  • Ensures implementation of the Managing Board decisions;
  • Propose the annual draft-budget of the Academy;
  • Propose the working program of the Academy;
  • Propose strategies, Working Plan and Training Program;
  • Propose the trainers list for approval by the Managing Board and based on that list determines the eligible trainers for implementation of the training program;
  • Manages financial means and Academy’s property;
  • Propose draft Regulation for internal organization and systematization of  the working position of the Academy, draft Regulation for selection of trainers, draft Working Regulation of the Managing Board and draft Regulation of the work of the Program Council  and other bylaws determined by this law;
  • Prepares regular annual reports and other report according to Managing Board request;
  • Performs other work in accordance with the law and other bylaws of the Academy.