Research and Publication Program

In addition to training of judges and prosecutors, professional activities such research on various issues in the judiciary and the provision of the necessary legal resources are considered an important component in the development of professionalism, impartiality and independence of the capacities of the judicial and prosecutorial system.

The Program for Research and Publications aims to provide to AJ beneficiaries practical and technical support for research, without excluding the possibility of publishing the results of such research as well as to provide access to different sources of law. In this regard, efficient and professional support will be offered as well as reliable access to information through the use of modern technology and maintaining of adequate materials.

AJ strongly believes that the development of this program will increase the delivery of justice by providing its beneficiaries with sufficient resources for professional development. 

The Head of the Program for Research and Publication is: Ms. Luljete Hetemi


Tel: 038 200 18 673