Continuous Training Program (CTP)

The importance of the continuous training for judges and prosecutors in regards to the effective law enforcement is now undisputed in all countries of the world and particularly this is emphasized by the European Parliament and the Stockholm Program (2008-2010).
The Continuous Training Program (CTV) includes the training of judges and prosecutors, in meeting the needs and expectations for a professional, ethical, impartial and independent judicial and prosecutorial system.
From the point of view of the judiciary in Kosovo, the factors that determine the need for continuous training are: the updating of the legal infrastructure followed by many new laws, the lack of commentaries, the need for a unified case-law, the reforms in the organizational structure of courts and prosecution offices. In support of this need, are also the developments of the international legislation, the need and the perspective for integrations and the obligation for the international legal cooperation.

AJ organizes the continuous training since its establishment by constantly developing the organizational capacities and the training methodology. Based on the so far experience, a continuous advancement culture of the program structure and of the implementation of the training methodology has been achieved. 

Head of the Continuous Training Program is: Ms.Melihate Rama - Morina


Tel: 038 200 18 667