Department for Legal and general services

   1. The Mission of the Department for legal and general services is management of the Academy’s activities related to its legal services, communication, inter-institutional cooperation, information technology services, physical conditions of work, the necessary equipment, and the support and logistics servic

  2. Duties and responsibilities of the Legal and General Services Department are: 

2.1 Providing advice and expertise on legal matters, including drafting, analyzing and/or commenting on legislative acts and by-laws;

2.2 Managing the Academy's internal and external communications, including its website and social media accounts;

2.3 Management of inter-institutional communication, international cooperation and donor coordination;

2.4 Provision of translation services for Academy activities;

2.5 Provides IT support to Academy staff and ensures the provision of quality IT equipment services;

2.6 Implements procedures for document management and administration.

2.7 Provides administrative and logistical services and support for the Academy such as maintenance and cleaning of facilities, inventory management and maintenance in warehouses, etc.

2.8 Ensures the implementation of the procedures for the management of all the vehicles that the Academy has in accordance with the legislation in force, coordinates with the relevant institutions for reporting on the condition of the vehicles (service, maintenance, fuel expenses, etc.);

2.9 Manages the archive system and internal, incoming and outgoing documents of the Academy;

2.10 Receives, controls the property, manages the stocks, inventory and warehouses of the Academy;

2.11 Ensures provision of transport service and manages the Academy's vehicles and those that are in use;

2.12 Participation and provision of support for the activities of the Training Program Department;

2.13 Providing support to other units of the Academy, as needed;

2.14 Participation in the budget planning process of the department's activities.


3. The following divisions are part of the Department for legal and general services:


3.1 Division for legal services, communication and inter-institutional cooperation;

3.2 Division for Information Technology, and

3.3 Administrative Support and Logistics Division.


4. The department for legal and general services is led by the Director who reports to the Executive Director of the Academy.


5. The number of employees in the Department for legal and general services is thirteen (13). 

Acting Director of the Administration and Finances is: Xhevdet Pllana


Tel: 038 200 18 660