Program Council

Program council is a professional body engaged to ensure the quality of trainings provided by the Academy.

  Program Council consists of seven (7) members, appointed by the Managing Board, among judged, state prosecutors and other experts.

The mandate of Program Council members, apart from the executive director, is four (4) year with the right re-election for another mandate.

The Chairman of the Program Council is ex-officio the Executive Director of the Academy of Justice.

For its work, the Program Council reports to the Managing Board.     

Based on the law, the Program Council competences are as following:

  • Drafts the proposal for the training program of the Academy in cooperation with KJC and KPK;
  • Follows the implementation of the programs and its success;
  • Provides orientation for the advancement of methods and training techniques, regardless and in cooperation with trainers and mentors;
  • Provides opinions, for the list of trainers and mentors;
  • Provides advices, proposals and suggestions to the Academy toward improvements of the training quality;
  • Conducts also other work determined by this law and other bylaws of the Academy.

Members of the Program Council:

  • Enver Fejzullahu, Executive Director, Justice Academy;
  • Agim Maliqi, Supreme Court judge; 
  • Mahir Tutuli, Appeals Court judge;
  • Afrim Shala, Appeals Court judge;
  • Besim Kelmendi, Prosecutor at the Chief State Prosecutor’s Office;  
  • Habibe Salihi, Prosecutor in the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo; 
  • Prof.Ass.Dr. Haxhi Gashi, Law Faculty Dean, University of Prishtina.