Managing Board

The Law No. 05/L- 095 on the Academy of Justice, establishes the Academy of Justice and regulates its status, functions and organs, as well as the manner and conditions under which is conducted the training of newly appointed judges and state prosecutors in Kosovo, the training of judicial and prosecutorial administrative staff and other issues in accordance with the law.

The law defines Managing Boar, Program Council and the Executive Director, as the highest managing bodies. 

Managing Board of the Academy has a representation of the justice and government institutions, including ethnic representation. This structure provides a comprehensive and proper representation of the interest of judicial stakeholders in Kosovo and guarantees the independence and impartiality of the Academy in the best interest of the judicial and prosecutorial system of the country.

The Academy’s Managing Board consists of nine (9) members, out of which two (2) are ex officio. President of the Supreme Court and Chief State Prosecutor, whereas seven (7) members are from the following institutions:

  • Three (3) members appointed by KJC and one (1) judge of the Basic Court one (1) judge of the Appeal Court and one (1) member from the Kosovo Judicial Council Secretariat;
  • Three (3) members appointed by KPC and one (1) prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution office, one (1) prosecutor of the Appeal Prosecution and one (1) member from the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council Secretariat;
  • One (1) member appointed by the Ministry of Justice;

Managing Board responsibilities are determined by law;

  • Approval of the bylaws as determined by this law;
  • Approval of the draft budget of the Academy;
  • Approval of developing strategies, working plan and training programs;
  • Approval of the list of trainers and mentors;
  • Supervision of the Academy’s work;
  • Setting the priorities for providing trainings in cooperation with KJC and KPC;
  • Selection and dismissal of the Executive Director;
  • Appointment and dismissal of the Program Council members;
  • Conducting other functions as determined by the law and bylaws.