Distance learning (e-learning) is a process of learning from distance using electronic technology, outside a traditional training room, which are provided to beneficiaries through the following forms: training courses and modules, and audio or video recordings. Advantages of using this form of learning are manifold, saving in a great deal the time and travel costs, as well as suitable schedule as beneficiaries at any time can attend the certain training. This training methodology, which is applicable to a great extent in training institutions, will include training modules of various areas that are available for the beneficiaries. Duration of a training course is two months for a group, while beneficiaries are judges, prosecutors and administrative staff of courts and prosecutorial offices.

Purpose of this platform consists on providing a possibility for judges, prosecutors and other professionals of the judicial and prosecutorial system, to attend training courses of interest in suitable time and consecutively. Also, training courses in this platform, aim further professional development for all beneficiary categories of AJ.

AJ has a functional distance learning platform which is in great deal meeting the needs and requests for training.

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