Enver Fejzullahu

1. Executive Director of the Academy leads with the Academy of Justice (hereinafter Director) and has the following competences:

1.1. represents the Academy before local and international institutions;

1.2. is responsible for the management, overall administration and legality of the Academy`s work;

1.3. participates in the work of the Governing Council without the right of voting, and chairs the Programme Council;

1.4. ensures the implementation of Governing Board decisions;

1.5. proposes annual draft budget of the Academy;

1.6. proposes the Academy`s working plan;

1.7. proposes the Strategy, and Training Work Plan and Program;

1.8. proposes the list of trainers for approval by the Governing Board and from the list appoints trainers for implementation of the program;

1.9. manages financial means and property of the Academy;

1.10. proposes the Draft-Regulation on internal organization and systematization of job positions within the Academy, draft-regulation on the selection of trainers, Draft Rules of Procedure of the Governing Board, and the Draft Rules of Procedure of the Programme Council and other sub-legal acts determined by this Law;

1.11. prepares regular annual reports and other reports as requested by the Governing Board; 1.12. performs other duties in accordance with the law and bylaws of the Academy


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