Reports and the Strategic Plan

  • Annual Report 2017
    20.11.2018 Annual Report 2017 This report includes continuous trainings for judges and prosecutors in all areas of the law, particularly the criminal, civil, juvenile justice (civil and criminal aspect) administrative, constitutional, commercial, international, the EU legislation, fundamental human rights, then topics and modules of interdisciplinary nature like the following: professional ethics, legal reasoning, management and other trainings that were in details presented in the report. Download »
  • Strategic plan of the Kosovo Justice Academy 2019-2021
    16.11.2018 Strategic plan of the Kosovo Justice Academy 2019-2021 The purpose of developing and adopting the AJ Strategy is to determine the guidelines and to reach a consensus on further direction of the development of a sustainable system of professional development and education in the judiciary. The Strategy establishes a well- grounded framework for Kosovo’s Justice Academy to plan the implementation of its legal mandate in the context of the actual human resources development and training needs for the judiciary. Download »