Financial Investigation and Asset Recovery

Category : Criminal

Description :

ü  Initial investigation and forensic stages, during which information and evidence is collected and verified, and assets are identified and located, using a variety of investigative techniques;

ü  The importance of matching the evidence to the specific elements of the criminal offense in question, and the use of appropriate techniques to source the evidence necessary to convict and, ultimately, to confiscate the proceeds of corruption and money laundering.

ü  Full knowledge of the elements of the criminal offense, effective international legal aid (ILA) with foreign jurisdictions, in cases of corruption, money laundering and other cases of serious economic crimes, where the defendant often hides the wealth acquired abroad from crime.

Objectives :

·         Improve the capacities of anti-corruption investigators, prosecutors, and the judiciary in analyzing, investigating, and prosecuting international cases of money laundering and/or bribery;

·         Develop the capacities of their staff to handle international requests and succeed in cooperating with foreign jurisdictions in the fight against money laundering and the repatriation of stolen assets.

Venue :

Location : Hotel Prishtina
City : Prishtine


  • Bashkim Hyseni

12/02/2024 - 16/02/2024